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Angles Disciples
“ When two Escrimadors play, all they have is first, their nerve, second, their skill, and third, their luck.”
Grandmaster Angel Cabales

Escrima Serrada

Welcome and thank you for visiting.

We built this site to share and honor a

proud homegrown tradition of martial

arts developed by Grandmaster Angel

Cabales. We are a humble group of

dedicated artists who have pledged

ourselves to maintain the discipline,

loyalty and integrity of the art

and hope that you enjoy our site.

Angels Disciples
Mastering Serrada Escrima
3 DVD Set by Darren Tibon

Mastering Serrada EscrimaMastering Serrada Escrima DVDs
Available on DVD and Video Download
Click Here
The LEGACY Escrima Seminars
(Stockton and Long Beach, CA.2013)

Available on DVD and Video Download
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The LEGACY Escrima Seminar (2013)
Stockton California
Hosted by: Grandmaster Darren Tibon

Queen Mary Legacy Seminar 2013
Queen Mary Legacy Seminar
Long Beach, California
August 10, 2013

The Legacy Queen Mary seminar Honoring the Grandmasters was a fantastic success you would of had to be there to truly understand the passion that was displayed from all who shared there respective systems and I can only imagine for now, the fantastic work Val Mijailovic Em3 Masters Magazine will create for filming 14 representatives honoring The Grandmasters of FMA.. So once again a great event is not just a fond memory but something that can be enjoyed for eternity.

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